Reading = Pleasure

The author, born in Nantes, France, in 1971 and the mother of 3 children. My son was diagnosed with dyslexia 3 years ago and didn’t like to read. I decided to write books dedicated to him and to children between the ages of 8 and 11 years, in hopes of inspiring children to love reading.


Writing for kids with dyslexia is not only a matter of using a special font and a dedicated text layout to mitigate some of the issues that dyslexics experience when reading. I think it is very important to adjust my style as well. Furthermore, most of my stories  are designed for dyslexic children who like sport adventures, unexpected discoveries and characters with an unbridled imagination. I want to create a world which makes them feel at home so that reading will be a pleasure for them.


My first novel, Where Is Archimedes?, described a bilingual and bicultural child.


In A Fiery Imagination, I’m inviting my readers into the world of imagination and dyslexia.

Gymnasts beyond all limitsaddresses VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE HANDICAP in sport.

The Perfect Team

Emma Darcy is the illustrator . Mother of two grown updaughters.  She studied Applied Arts in Marseille.

Primary school teacher, painter and  blogger.

Gilles, born in Nancy in 1955 is a late bilingual hooked on cultural relations and différences. Translator in  English. He is the proud father of two grown up children who in turn like to belong in different places around the world

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Elke Weiler-David, born on June 5th, 1962, in Attendorn, Germany, is mother of two wonderful sons and grandmother of a charming granddaughter and a lovely grandson. She graduated as correspondant for foreign languages. She lived in the United States, Monaco, Germany, England. Since 1995, she is living with her family in the North-East of France, in Alsace, 

Last but not least, Marie Joëlle, a teacher helping children with dyslexia.

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